blinds on windows


Our company professionally manufactures and provides services for the installation of sun protection systems. we also offer roller shutters. It is a modern, harmonious and reliable means of protection for houses, apartments and premises from penetration, prying eyes and bad weather conditions.

Our advantages:

Many years of experience

Our many years of experience in the blinds industry has allowed us to collect a variety of different and creative solutions. Our masters will always help with the choice and advise on an individual solution.


In production, we use only high-quality components. We give a guarantee for all blinds, curtains and roller shutters.

Own production

We have our own production of blinds, roller blinds and roller shutter systems. Thanks to this, we can make orders in a very large volume and in a short time.

Specialist consultations

Our consultants will come to you free of charge with all samples and photographs, help you choose the most suitable solution (type, material, color). Measurement, delivery and installation - free!

Roller blinds

They allow you to reveal the elegance and richness of textures of the textile fabric, which acts as a protective screen and an additional decorative element. The variety of the collection of materials provides a wide selection of fabrics in terms of light transmittance, the presence of a reflective layer, designs and patterns. The structure of the product is a web of fabric, which is controlled by a chain or spring mechanism and can be completely reeled up on the tube.
Depending on the tasks set, a system of open classic roller blinds or a version in a closed cassette is selected. From compact products for plastic windows to models for panoramic glazing of large areas. Roller blinds with Zebra fabric or mirage curtains have the greatest functionality of regulation and direction of the light flux.

Horizontal blinds

The design of the blinds is made of steel profiles, turning and lifting mechanisms built into the upper cornice, horizontally located lamellas connected to the canvas by means of strong ropes and ladders. The swiveling and lifting of the louvres allows you to effectively regulate the light output, to ensure optimal sun protection and privacy. The material of the lamellas is presented by an aluminum strip in widths of 16, 25, 35-wave and 50 mm, natural wood or bamboo. Depending on the size of the product, you choose a blind system and lamella width, ranging from compact horizontal cassette systems for plastic windows to massive natural wood products in a retro system.

Vertical blinds

The blind structure consists of an aluminum cornice with 89 mm wide vertical slats. The vertical slats can be moved from side to side and rotated around their axis, reaching an optimal position. Rope and chain, as control elements, provide easy regulation of the luminous flux and ease of use.
Vertical lamellas can be made of various materials: fabric, aluminum, plastic, or combine several materials in one product to create multi-frame blinds. Pay attention to the filament breeze blinds, which are a favorite tool of designers for zoning space.

What is the difference between installing blinds on the balcony and in the room?
There is no fundamental difference between the installation method in a room or on a balcony. The same mechanism is used everywhere. And the material is equally suitable for rooms with high humidity, and is not afraid of sudden temperature changes.

Fabric blinds

jalousie material

Most of the windows in offices are decorated with fabric blinds, the convenience and availability of this type of sun protection have made them popular. A special anti-static and dust-repellent treatment guarantees a long service life without any special maintenance. Installation is also simple and possible on a ceiling or wall.

Aluminum blinds

jalousie material

Aluminum blinds will be the ideal solution for sun protection for rooms that have high sanitary and fire safety standards. Our company produces aluminum blinds in various colors and shades. Metal strips are covered with wear-resistant colored enamel, such a coating does not fade, does not scratch or crack.

Photo Blinds

jalousie material

We want to reveal to you the main secret of the popularity of such blinds among buyers. Photo printing on blinds and curtains will decorate any interior, while harmoniously fitting into it and giving a certain piquancy. It all depends on your artistic preference. Thanks to them, you can personalize the rooms of your home.